- I want, but I do not know what I want ...!

 No panic! First of all contacting us and we will help you in this question! By providing design services, we will be able to prepare for you an outline of your idea, which sits in your head and cannot come out. We will show you previews of work and pay attention to each detail. To get the idea out and at the end you said, "Yes, it is what I want!"

- What is your product?

All stickers are made of PVC self-adhesive films, consisting of two or three layers. The main (white) and lamination (transparent). So the entire application is more protected from the external environment and from direct sunlight. Each layer of material has a thickness of 80 microns.

The ink is applied to the white layer with solvent inks in the CMYK color palette, using wide-format printing equipment. Colors are selected on the basis of preliminary color tests and saturation adjustment to keep in the figure the smallest details.

- What are the differences between the original kart stickers and yours? What are their qualities and how do they keep on bumpers?

In reality, our go-kart stickers are different from factory go-kart stickers. For wear resistance, adhesive composition and the possibility of choosing colors. Namely, holographic, chrome, “acid” colors cannot be created alas.

As for durability, the stickers do NOT withstand hard contacts, tires lapping, excess temperature during operation, as well as coarse washing with high-pressure equipment like Kärcher. The adhesive composition is not designed for a rough, rough surface. In order to keep everything, you need to comply with the whole procedure of gluing on the surface. On the contrary, to smooth and prepared for glueing surfaces, glue consistency allows it to stick very strongly, quickly and permanently. They can also be washed with gasoline and other solvent-based products.

To be honest, with normal exploitation, there are no problems with stickers.

(to improve resistance to external factors, tested in practice, lamination layer is applied 2)

- Under what conditions do I need to glue and after what time can I use the pasted part?

The specifications stated by the manufacturer, pasting parts should take place in a clean, dry room at room temperature. For better gluing, the polymerization of the adhesive composition occurs within 24 hours. from the moment of sticking and maintaining temperature standards.

In general, observing all the rules of sticking the item can be operated immediately. Difficulties are with rough surfaces. Since due to micro-bumps on the surface, the adhesive composition needs more time to penetrate and polymerize.

- How to order stickers?

1) You can order stickers by writing to us via the website, by mail or on Facebook! If you have a specific idea, we are ready to implement it. As for the kart stickers, we have a base of the derived patterns and we treat each client individually. As it often happens that body kits can be disassembled and parts have a different technical condition.

2) To order, you need to provide us with photos of specific items and the design you want. If this is not a factory design, but an individual design, then we will be able to draw it with a "0" and adapt it to your body kit.

3) Sometimes it takes some measurements on the elements, for the adaptation and drawing of the patterns. In this case, we will contact you personally!

- I do not know how to glue, can you do it?

Yes, we paste the parts on our own. There is an additional charge for pasting services, but you do not waste your time, nerves and products. Working for many years in this field, we perfectly feel the material and know all the details on sticking. Which in turn has a positive effect on the quality of the result.

We carry out the whole process in our garage and deliver your parts, you can through the delivery service "New Mail". The final product, before it is sent, a photo report will be taken and sent to you. After that, it will be qualitatively packed and sent back to you.

All shipments are paid by the client!

- Payment and delivery!

No any prepayments! Payment is made on the personal account of PrivatBank upon production.

Before you send products, we will contact you and provide a photo of the finished product. In the course of manufacturing, we always keep in touch with the customer, and are ready to answer any question.


All products in Ukraine, we send using the delivery service "New Mail"! Delivery to any point of Ukraine, within 3 working days.

Delivery outside of Ukraine occurs through the postal service "Ukrpochta". Delivery time - within 2-3 weeks.

If you have additional questions, then write to us!

Viber, WatsApp: +380937214761

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