Who are we and how did it all start?

It all started from childhood. When i was born

It all started in a small town in the north of the Republic of Moldova called Ocnita. All from the love of movement, speed, racing. So I got acquainted with Formula 1. Watching the championship on TV sitting on my father's lap. Then I did not understand this, but I saw only fast-traveling cars, and the sound of the V10 engines, which you can’t confuse with anything else. Later, I found out who Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna were. So Formula 1 has become my dream. This is my dream and up to today. My heart beats with trepidation with one word “race”.

I was about 7 years old when I saw karting for the first time. He was the only one in my city. At that time, I only saw a frame with an engine on four wheels, which the kids are pushing, hoping to start. Then the go-kart disappeared altogether, like everything, during perestroika. He became closely acquainted with him at the age of 14, when his family moved to Kiev, Ukraine.

In the karting club “Verkon”, which exists at TsTDYu Svyatoshinsky district. I accidentally found his mother, passing by in search of work. I readily agreed to go there, but when I saw what he represented with himself, at first there were doubts that I really wanted it. The guys who were engaged there, were elbowed in oil, dirty and pushed all the same go-karts, like those that I once saw in my city. It was the Soviet training karting AKU-86. Surprisingly, they still exist! And on the move there will probably be as many more years.

Going into the middle, I met Miracle-Grandfather with a capital letter - Ryabikin Ivan Vasilyevich, who had incredible warmth and who knew how to cope with all the children immediately. Having met, I decided to stay there. From that moment I started karting.

Our work experience

In the childhood, together with the brother, we helped the father with work. Namely, in the manufacture of outdoor and indoor advertising. In a small, dilapidated shed. Then everything was done by hand, and small parts with self-adhesive film were also drawn in pencil and cut out with small stationery knives.

And, since karting can not be a source of income :), working and developing skills, I use them, finding a job in this business.

Seventeen years from primitive to modern technologies, working in various firms, we have mastered almost all aspects of this business. Today, we can create anything! Restrictions can only be in fantasy.


We have extensive experience in the manufacture of outdoor and indoor advertising, from the idea to the finished product. From the outline, stickers, to a large light design.

In branding cars, sports and commercial vehicles. From tinting to pasting car body.


Our idea

  You are now on my site, which is a corner where the skills of your favorite things, the embodiment of desires and a great desire to achieve a dream are connected!
Step by step, day by day, we are moving forward! And may this resource help in the realization of our desires and ideas with you!

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